jueves, 25 de marzo de 2010


Ternura es una
palabra o un silencio
convertido en ofrenda...
para quien sabe escucharlo
con confianza.
... una risa sin frontera,
un ligero roce
y una caricia que hace
temblar el suelo bajo
nuestros pies...
son cumplidos reflejos
de la ternura.
... la ternura no pide nada...
no espera nada,
se basta a sí misma.
Jamás hay que prestar
la ternura...
hay que obsequiarla.
La ternura no es un estado
sino un descubrimiento
sacado de la web

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MichalClark dijo...

Hi pretty people :)

Well today was average. Didn't really do much at all, I know it's the weekend and all that but I've not had a set daily routine for over a week and a half now due to leaving college (to put my plans into action) :) so every day has pretty much been like a weekend-day. Tomorrow night I'm off to Ballymena for a party at a friend's which will be a good night because she's hilarious :).
Also, I got a job interview for tomorrow afternoon :D yay me. I didn't expect to hear back so soon so I just hope now that the interview goes well...if so then the next part of my plan (employment) can be ticked off the list! Wish me luck!

I missed Family Guy tonight! Gutted. Anybody a fan of Coming of Age? I'm a fan of late night television you see as it takes me quite a while to get to sleep so it upsets me greatly when there isn't anything good on. Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps double bill on next. Woohoo!

Until next time my fellow bloggers! Night Night

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